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Hitch Hiker

Have you ever been driving down the road when suddenly you see a hitch hiker ahead? Their thumb is giving a message loud and clear:  "If you will furnish the car, the gas, the time, and do the driving, I'll ride with you; but you're nuts if you think that I'm going to chip in for the gas money; and by the way, if you have a wreck and I'm injured, I'll sue you for all you have.  "In just about every organization you'll find this very same kind of attitude.  Yes, even some of your co-workers will fall into this category. They are the few non-members who refuse to join the union and worse yet, those non-members who cross our picket lines during a strike.  Yes, there are hitch hikers in the union also! They say in one way or another, "If you supply the protection of a contract, negotiate that contract, protect me at work, get me fair and decent wages, health benefits, and hours of work, I'll ride along with you.  But you're crazy if you think that I'm going to get involved and make this a better place to work.  By the way, if anything happens that irritates me, you'll hear from me!  So, on my terms, I'll ride along with you."  Think about it... are your hands busy or are you just thumbing a free ride? 

   -  Unity, CWA Local 7810



I am opposed to all unions. Therefore, I am opposed to all benefits that unions have won through the years: Paid vacations, holidays, sick leave, seniority rights, wage increases, pension and insurance plans, safety laws, workmen's compensation laws, Social Security, time and a half for hours in excess of eight in one day or 40 in any one work week, unemployment benefits, and job security.

I refuse to accept any benefits that will be won by union negotiators with this union shop, and I hereby authorize and direct the company to withhold the amount of the union-won benefits from my paycheck each week and to donate it to charity.

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