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Discounts and Deals Just for You!

The follow deals have been offered for USPS employees. (Please check with company prior to purchase, as deals may change.)

Many hotels/motels offer a Government Rate/Discount. The next time you make your reservation ask if they offer a Government Discount. It could save you alot of money!

Postal Employee Deals

Monthly service plans: 15%
Phones/handsets: 50%
Accessories: 50%
Reference Foundation Account Number 10297 when speaking to an AT&T representative.

Employees with existing AT&T accounts should call


Monthly Service Plans: 15%
Phones/Handsets: 20%
Accessories: 20%
Reference Foundation Account Number 7777 when speaking to a Cingular representative.

Employees with existing Cingular accounts should call

Employees wanting to order new service can call


Monthly service plans starting at: 15%
Phones/handsets: 15% after Term Service Credit has been used
Accessories: 15% after Term Service Credit has been used
Reference Foundation Account Number# 0138384541 United States Postal Service when speaking to a Sprint rep

Employees with current Sprint accounts should call

Employees wanting to order new service should call


Monthly Service Plans:
25% (standard plans)
20% (plans that include a promotion)
Phones/Handsets: 45-70% (pre-discounts)
Accessories: 25%

For personal accounts, employees should call

1-866-378-1535. Again, these discounts are only available through the numbers listed above or through direct business-to-business sales that come directly to USPS facilities.

Note: The discounts are not available at Verizon Wireless retail stores, kiosks or agents.

Monthly Service Plans: 18%
Phones/Handsets: 39%
Accessories: 20%
Call 888-242-4190.
Important: The discounts aren't available at Nextel Communications retail stores and kiosks.

New USPS official business subscribers should call

1-800-793-5178. Existing USPS official business accounts with Nextel Communications will automatically be transferred under this agreement.

You can now apply online for the Employee Platinum Visa affinity credit card on the Web at The U.S. Postal Service Platinum Visa® card.The card is for USPS employees and their families, has no annual fee and comes with 0% APR for six months. After that, 9.9% fixed. The USPS affinity credit card is for personal use only. It doesn't replace official government travel, purchase or fleet cards.

Employees Bidding On Surplus Postal-Owned Vehicles
Click here to view all Postal Service vehicles currently listed on eBay.
(eBay seller ID: "usps-al-pmsc")
Postal Service employees and immediate family members who reside in the household who are prohibited from bidding include:

PCES employees
Managers, Vehicle Maintenance
Managers, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
Designees with the authority to declare vehicles excess or set the initial sales price
Postal Service employees with direct knowledge of the established reserve price
Postal Inspection employees, for sales by the Inspection Service, including forfeited vehicles

Discounts include:
Lube, oil, and filter for .95
15% off automotive services *
10% off "Goodyear" brand tires *
* Percentage discounts are off of sale, everyday low or retail prices whichever are lower.
However, employees should be aware that the Postal Service is no longer endorsing the Goodyear VIP Employee Discount Program. Participating Goodyear locations aren't always aware of the employee discount card. The program will remain in place, but employees will have to verify if the Goodyear location will honor the discount pricing

Computer Deals:

Compaq/USPS Employee Connectivity Program
1-866-877-7327 or at www.compaq.com/affinity/uspsecp
USPS Pin # is 10791
USPS Employee ID is your SSN

IBM/USPS Employee Connectivity Program
1-800-426-7235 or at www.ibm.com/shop/ibmdeals/usps
ext/passcode 4563

Show your Badge at the Hardee's located on W. Chestnut and W. Bypass and receive a 50% discount on your purchase.

To Shop for Union Logo Items, go to the APWU National Website @ www.apwu.com and go to the store link.